About us


The translation company “AFIM” has achieved the success in its business due to the well thought-out structure of the firm. Besides our administrative department that directly receives and handles the orders from our clients we have other special translation departments, such as:


Department of written translation

  • Department of technical translation
  • Department of medical translation
  • Department of legal translation
  • Department of economics and finance translation
  • Department of advertising texts translation


Department of interpretation

  • Department of consecutive interpretation
  • Department of simultaneous interpretation
  • Department of telephone conversations interpretation


Each of the departments of written translation and interpreting has a specialized division of editing and control of the translation quality (translation expertise) that guarantees to the translation company “AFIM” the observance of all translation norms and principles and controls the quality of the rendered services.

This structure is unusual for a translation company and requires additional costs. Nevertheless the translation company “AFIM” invests considerable funds in its stuff members offering continuous professional trainings, organizing seminars on improvement of the translation quality, holding internal briefing on exchange of the experience with our foreign colleagues. Due to such investment policy we can feel proud about the quality and diversity of our services.




If you wish to cooperate with our company on a permanent basis or remotely, as an interpreter/translator, legal adviser, designer, we are waiting for your resume sent to our e-mail, or you can apply for an interview through the form on the page of the contacts. Please specify as a subject: Vacancy


The availability of recommendations gives an advantage to any candidate!