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Consecutive translation


Consecutive translation is one of the types of oral translations during which the speaker makes a pause necessary for the interpreter to translate all the above said. Such type of translation is used at the events with a limited number of participants. However the main advantage is the mobility that is the possibility of movement of the discussion group.

The translation company «AFIM» pays a considerable attention to the consecutive translation, because it is one of the official types of interpreting used during business meetings and briefings. At the same time this type of translation requires from the translator a high level of attention, observance of business etiquette, good command of a vast vocabulary of at least two languages, and ingenuity and keenness of wit.

Among the difficulties of such kind of translation one could state the following: necessity of adaptation of the source text to make the latter clear for the target audience, taking into consideration all the differences in meanings of phraseological phrases in different languages, inadmissibility to express the interpreter’s own opinion and so on…

One of the most important steps in the consecutive translation is that the interpreter should adhere not only to the norms of the business ethics but to the translation ethics as well. It means the interpreter should be playing the role of a mediator during the negotiations that would not afford rendering the speech deficiencies of the speaker and would conceal the interlocutor’s confusion. Altogether with this the interpreter should never interfere in the discussion as well as exaggerate or underestimate all that was said during the conversation.

That is why the translation company “AFIM” entrusts the consecutive translation only to the qualified interpreters who have finished a special education program in this field. In order to improve the quality of the services rendered and the ability to satisfy our clients’ expectations the translation company “AFIM” organizes periodical trainings and professional development seminar for the interpreters specializing in the oral consecutive translations.  We collaborate on a continuous basis with our foreign colleagues, exchanging our experience and knowledge with.

The translation company “AFIM” performs consecutive translation of the following categories:
• Accompaniment to different events, banquets, business negotiations, briefings
• Videoconferences and round tables
• Seminars and professional development programs, installation of new equipment with participation of a foreign specialist
• Accompaniment to law-enforcement agencies and judicial bodies
• Translation at sight
• Services of a guide-interpreter in Moldova and other

If you are planning to organize a business meeting with your foreign partners or to hold an even with the participation of some foreign guests – the translation company “AFIM” is at your disposal. Call us and you will have your success as well as you will feel surprised to discover the level of our services and our employee’s professionalism. And our prices, not stating the discounts and bonuses for our regular clients, are so attractive!