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Economics and finance

One of the first steps leading a company to the international level is the translation of its economic and financial documentation to the foreign language.  Quite often the quality of such kind of translation determines the professional reputation of a company and its position at the market as well.

The translation of economic and financial texts is one of the scrupulous and time-taking translations that require extreme attention and concentration.  A large number of figures, complex operations, tables and diagrams as well as the abundance of specific terms – these are only a part of the problems the translator has to face with.

The translation company “AFIM” pays a lot of attention to economic and financial translations.  We have a special department of translators who perform only the translations in the field of economics and finance.  All of them have a vast experience and a good command of a particular terminology, the majority of them have finished the economic faculties, and some of them have passed their probation period abroad.  Due to their professionalism and hard work the translation company “AFIM” can be proud about the quality of the translations in such fields as the following:
Banking documentation and regulations
• Financial and audit reports
• Normative documents on accounting and taxation
• Business plans and strategic documentation
• Annual and quarterly reports
• External economic relations with foreign investors
• Project documentation and financial overviews
• Marketing and financial management
• Commercial and industrial relations
• Documentation of international financial bodies and institutes, etc.

Economics and finance is one of the constantly developing areas.  Respectively their does appear new terms, denominations, abbreviations and acronyms that are not so easy translatable into the target language.  The just appeared neologisms quite often can confuse even an experienced translator.  Moreover an experienced translator of economic and financial texts has always to be aware about all innovations and modifications of normative character.

The translation company “AFIM” successfully resolves this problem.  The translators of our economic and financial department continuously participate in national and international trainings, seminars and conferences aimed at resolving the translations difficulties and the further development of translation services quality.  Also we have launched a program of the experience exchange with our foreign colleagues.

The translation company “AFIM” performs the consecutive and simultaneous translations of conferences and symposiums on the economic financial topics.  We provide as well the service of individual client accompaniment to negotiations, meetings, signing of economic and financial documents.

Financial and economic documentation requires as a rule a strict confidentiality.  One of the basic provisions if the contract concluded with the translation company “AFIM” is CONFIDENTIALITY.  The non-disclosure of a client’s information is one of the basic principles of our activity.

Addressing to the translation company “AFIM” you can be always sure that the quality of our economic and financial translation would never leave you flat.