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Legal translation

Nowadays you can’t imagine your life without jurisprudence, every day and every hour we conclude transactions be it a simple acquisition of a ticket to a concert or signing an important commercial agreement.  From ancient times the state and the society were living according to the particular rules, norms regulating relationships between the different social groups and preserving the state structure itself.

Today the legal translation is one of the asked-for translations and at the same time one of the responsible and time-taking tasks for a translator.  Besides the legal terminology used in this type of translation it is important to take into account and to keep the formatting of the original text and to pay the attention to the numbering of sections, articles and letters of the legal document as well.

The translation company “AFIM” entrusts legal translations only to highly-experienced translators having a good command of legal terminology who have been working for many years in this field of translation.  After that the ready-made translation undergoes the editing procedure done by an experienced lawyer and as a result we get a highly accurate and professional product.  Moreover we are always ready to accept the urgent orders economizing your time and, evidently, your money.

The translation company “AFIM” provides services on oral legal translations as well.  Such kind of interpreting requires from the translator strict diplomacy, direct rendering of facts and the observance of translation ethics.  Our clients’ accompaniment is performed at a highest level with adherence to all norms of consecutive and simultaneous translations.  We accompany our clients to state authorities, juridical instances and non-government organizations, provide accompaniment of official delegations and participants of international conferences.

In some cases after the conclusion of a special agreement on translation services the translation company “AFIM” appoints a personal translator that will perform a translational accompaniment during your trips to the international conferences and seminars.

We work with lots of European languages and perform the legal translations of the following subjects:
• Legislative projects, legislative acts and standards
• Legal proceedings, memorandums of proceedings of the court, arbitrator’s decisions, decisions of international courts
• Court actions, documentation of the European Court of Human Rights, documentation of the other international human rights organizations
• International law conferences, seminars and international projects
• Negotiations, conclusion of contracts and transactions
• Constitutional documents, minutes of meeting, internal regulations
• Agreements, certificates of lack of a criminal record, contracts, etc.

One of the latest products of the translation company “AFIM” is the legal assistance in conclusion of the contracts with your foreign partners or drafting of different legal documentation for the physical persons concerning the expatriation or leaving abroad.

The translation company “AFIM” provides assistance in legal documents notarization and legalization procedure.  To get more detailed information on this service please see at our website section Additional services → Notary certification.