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Medical translation

Medicine fructosior ars nulla.
Pliny the Elder

Medical translation is an art.  It is one of the asked-for and one of the most complicated types of translations that require from the translator a good command of specialized terminology.  Here the translator has nothing to do with fantasy or rephrasing, here it is important to render the accuracy and the specific character of the original text.

Among the difficulties of medical texts translation one could state the following: abundance in specific terms, large number of abbreviations and acronyms, doctor’s indecipherable writing, and sometimes utilization of a dead language such as the Latin language.  The right orthography of the terms plays a significant role in performing the qualitative translation.  Moreover, medical texts sometimes bear far not a pleasant information that is even unacceptable for many people and that evoke negative emotions – the fact that can also negatively affect the translation.

That is why the medical translation undergoes a quality verification procedure at the translation company “AFIM”.  We use in our work a large number of specialized dictionaries and manual, resort to our “flesh and blood advisors” – medical practitioners, physiologists, anesthesiologists, professors – to guarantee the qualitative medical translation.  Some of our freelance translator’s primary occupation is the work in the capacity of medical personnel of the leading hospitals and clinics both in our country or abroad.

Medical translation often requires a strict confidentiality.  The information non-disclosure concerns not only the translation of medical certificates, diagnosis, the confidentiality of which is directly stipulated in our legislation but also the new projects and scientific achievements and so on.  If necessary when fulfilling  large orders the translation company “AFIM” practice the conclusion of the contracts on translation services where you can insert your special conditions for information non-disclosure.

The translation company “AFIM” works with the following subjects:
• Pharmaceutics
• Clinical study of vaccines and medicinal preparations
• Reports on surgical interventions, manuals on surgery practicing, treatment recommendations and other.
• Projects of health care delivery to the vulnerable categories of population and scientific reports on advanced technologies implementation
• Documentation of the World Health Organization
• Prognosis and dynamics of different diseases development against the background of the hostile environment
• Instructions to medical preparations
• Medical cards, certificates, results of medical examinations, medical reports, etc.

The translation company “AFIM” receives not only the local orders, we are oriented towards a vast market.  We perform the urgent translations, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting of symposiums, conferences, presentations of innovations in the field of medicine.  Our major costumers can enjoy our discount and bonuses system that afford diminishing of their costs.

The translation company “AFIM” offers also provides services of printing typesetting of medical presentations, reports, brochures and of their printing as well.  If you want to get a correct, authentic and a real MEDICAL translation – the translation company “AFIM” is at your disposal.