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Notary certification

The translation company “AFIM” will help you to certify by the notary the translated documents, as soon as practicable.

Pursuant to the law of the Republic of Moldova “On Notaries”, a notary, besides executing other notaries’ acts, certifies the translation of documents. Within this procedure the translated document shall be filed either to the original or copy thereof.

The main requirements applicable to the notary certification:
• The original document shall be issued in the Republic of Moldova*, it shall have legal force and comply with the Republic of Moldova laws. It means that the original shall be issued either by public authorities of the RM or by registered public organizations and legal persons, it shall bear stamps and authorized signatures thereon. If the original document is executed by natural persons, it shall bear the parties’ signatures and be executed in conformity with legislation (contract, agreement, etc.). Literary works, excerpts from registers and other similar originals shall not be subject to any notary certification.

• Instead of the original, you can also present a copy of the document, provided that such copy is certified by the notary or issued by public authorities, from which this document originates. If the last is the case, copy of the document shall have letter-head of the corresponding authority, stamp and chief’s signature, inter alia a note indicating that the original is kept in the corresponding authority.

• Certification of any translation, i.e. translator’s signature, shall be executed at the notary’s office, where such translator is registered.

• You shall also present the original of your passport or identity card.

The translation company “AFIM” will provide you a prompt and qualitative notary certification of your translations, saving you from tiresome queues. We highly appreciate your time.

(The applicable law of the Republic of Moldova stipulates, as well, the notary certification of translated official documents, which originate from other countries, provided that such documents have apostil or are legalized by consular authorities)*.