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Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most complicated types of interpretation, which is carried out by means of special equipment. This type of interpretation appeared relatively recently and its appearance, as a type of interpretation, is connected with the creation of the UN in 1945 and the Nuremberg trials.

Simultaneous interpretation requires the interpreter to have such qualities as fluency in both native and foreign languages, literate and phonetically correct speech, the ability to adapt quickly to manner and speaker’s accent, ability to concentrate, quick reaction, good memory, the ability to highlight the main thing, and of course, resistance to stressful situations. Taking into account the high level of the complexity of this interpretation, it is a matter of convention that one continuous shift of the interpreter should not exceed 30 minutes.

Advantages of this type of interpretation are continuity, time saving and the possibility to translate immediately into several languages. The main disadvantages are the need to attract several translators, fairly high cost of interpretation and the need to use special equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation carried out by the translation company “AFIM” is always high quality, accessibility and excellence. We have a good staff of time-tested interpreters that will help you organize interpretation in the following categories:

  • International conferences, symposia, summits
  • Organization of excursions, receiving of delegations
  • Negotiations at the international level, round tables, debates, etc.


Translation Company “AFIM” also provides the following types of simultaneous interpretation:

  • Interpretation carried out aurally using special equipment
  • Interpretation carried out through sight read with preliminary familiarization or without this
  • Synchronous reading of the pre-translated text with appropriate correction, depending on the speech of the speaker.

After all, simultaneous interpretation is used, as a rule, at large events with mass of participants and considerable audience. If you wish to organize a small seminar, a meeting or a round table, you better use the service of translation Company “AFIM” on rendering of the consecutive interpretation. This will help you avoid additional costs. However, if your event is intended for considerable audience, we advise you to use the simultaneous interpretation for the convenience of all participants.

Simultaneous interpretation is regarded as “advanced aerobatics”, therefore, Translation Company “AFIM” has strong views on the choice of simultaneous interpreters and special equipment required for this type of interpretation. Our simultaneous interpreters constantly improve their skills in the field of simultaneous interpretation, attending various trainings and seminars.

The Translation Company “AFIM” also pays great attention to the exchange of experience with foreign organizations on simultaneous interpretation. We jointly discuss on equipment which is suited to simultaneous interpreters, exchange certain technologies for simultaneous interpretation, and draw up the list of requirements on the basis of which we select simultaneous interpreters, depending on the subject and objective of the event.

Due to the professionalism and hard work of our simultaneous interpreters, the Translation Company “AFIM” can be proud of the quality and accessibility of simultaneous interpretation both at the national and international level. If you care about the success of your event then call the Translation Company “AFIM”, and we will help you to carry out your plans.