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Technical translation

How often did you come across an incomprehensible service manual on a just bought TV set though it was written in your native language? And what if it were not a simple TV set but some important surgery equipment? Quit often the foreign manufacturers while aspiring to improve the quality of their products forget about the linguistic side – a qualitative technical translation of instructions and manuals to the target language of the state-importer.  This can lead sometimes to some unpleasant circumstances.

Technical translation is one of the most complicated and time-taking types of translations that require from the translator the extreme accuracy, high qualification, an explicit statement of thoughts and, obviously, a good command of specialized terminology.  Any slight mistake can lead to high consequences.
Being a translator doesn’t imply being a specialist in the field of technical translation, it is important to be a specialist in one of the specific fields of the technological progress.

The translation company “AFIM” pays a lot of attention to this type of translation.  The received orders are distributed to the technical translators in strict adherence to their qualification, work experience and proficiency in the field of the corresponding specialized terminology.  Then their translations undergo the verification procedure at our editing department.  At the end we provide our client with the final product having all the features of a qualitative translation.

Technical translations are divided into a large number of subject areas (subareas).  Each of them has its appropriate vocabulary and its peculiar linguistic difficulties the translator has to encounter with.  For each of the subjects we try to methodize the translation difficulties and the ways of their solutions.  Our translators perform the technical translations of the following topics:
• Aviation
• Mechanic engineering, car industry, shipbuilding
• Metallurgy industry and metal working
• Chemical industry, organic chemistry
• Physics and nuclear industry
• Oil-producing industry, gas systems
• Informational technologies and software, programs for software licensing
• Medical and diagnostic equipment
• Industrial and household equipment
• Service manuals on household devices, installation instructions of the industrial equipment
• Standard specifications, construction norms and regulations, etc.
• Research articles, web sites and blogs

And these are only a part of the technical translations performed by the translation company “AFIM”.  One of the innovations brought by our translation company to the Moldavian market is the translation of negotiation with the foreign partners containing specialized terms as well as the interpreting at the conferences, symposiums and seminars on different sectors of the technical knowledge.

Besides the technical translation itself the translation company “AFIM” provides also the required designing of the final product, for example the designing of brochures, booklets and other printing products.  This means that all the tables, diagrams, pictures and other graphical objects of the original exemplar would be preserved and moreover, upon your request, we can change or generate a new color gamma and some other elements of design.

If you are an adherent of a QUALITATIVE technical translation – we are at your disposal!