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Translation (localization) of web-sites


Translation (localization) of web-sites

One can’t imagine the contemporary life without the Internet or the informational technologies. One cannot also imagine the contemporary business without web-sites promotion that quite often opens new perspectives of placing your services and goods at the international market.

The creation of a web-site itself is a complex and creative process, the results of which define the level of a company promotion. A web-site affords also different government and non-government structures and institutes to inform the population on different services, innovations, modifications of legislation without spending additional resources.

As a rule when creating a site a company or an organization wants to orient it at a multilingual auditory, that is to create several interconnected language versions of the site. It means that a person, let us say, a speaker of the English language, can freely read the content of a Moldavian company site once clicked the button “eng” – the English language.

The translation of web-sites has a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows you to avoid heavy spending, because the creation of a web-site itself costs much more than the translation or the localization of the latter. Secondly, it allows attracting different target audience, and, respectively, to place the company at a new level. However, here you can encounter some difficulties…

Nowadays there are used several web-side promotion methods. One of the most effective among them is, correspondingly, the translation and localization of web-sites.

However, you should not make these notions similar. Translation of a web-site includes the translation of the site contents, i.e. of the information placed on the web-site pages, headings of the articles and so on. Web-site localization represents a multistage process that affords the adaptation of the site contents to the corresponding auditory. Web-site localization consists of the following stages:
1. translation of the content, translation of different text blocks, buttons, modules that do not form the content itself and appear while navigating the site.
2. optimization of the site – adaptation of the text, of pictures graphical placement, units of measurement, alphabetic order of terms and notions, search system and so on.
3. site assembling if needed – for example, when you are going to make a site localization orientating to the auditory of the Arab countries you should firstly change the structure, interface and the search system of the site itself, because the speakers of the Arabic language read the information from right to left and not from left to right. That is why the information placement for such kind of auditory is an important element.
4. testing of the translated web-site.

All the web-site localization stages have their difficulties; all of them are individual and require a definite approach. Far not every translator or a programmer can perform the localization of a web-site; here one should have some additional knowledge in graphics handling, modification of the navigation system, hidden modules.

The translation company “AFIM” has its specialists, who know how to master this field. They are real professionals having vast knowledge in the field of translation and informational technologies. Translation and web-site localization are their honorable calling.

However we can’t state that this work is too easy for them. Even when dealing, as would it seem, with the translation of the site content it doesn’t mean that it is so easy and simple to do that. The thematic differentiation of web-sites, abundance in specialized terminology, advertising appeal of the content, a large number of addresses and every time the individuality of the content – these are only a part of the difficulties the translator has to face with. But if we speak about the localization of a web-site, the difficulties seem to be increasing in a geometric progression.

However, disregard all the above mentioned difficulties the translation company “AFIM” feels proud about its masterpieces in this field that were created due to the hard work of our specialists who always seek for some new solutions and create new possibilities basing on your preferences.

Addressing to the translation company “AFIM” you can get a free consultation on the contemporary tendencies and technologies in the field of the web-auditory diversification. Besides you can discover our new service “web-site maintenance” that includes an additional translation and, if needed, the web-site localization of the newly appeared information on the site or the modification of the structure of the latter. And our regular clients can enjoy our special system of discounts and bonuses.

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