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Translation of advertising texts


Advertising, as you know, is the engine of commerce.  The main scope of advertising is to attract potential customers and to create evidently the demand for a definite type of goods or services.  Abundance of striking expressions, personifications, neologisms and different emotional appeals – these are the means that make the advertising blazing and unique.  Endless slogans, i.e. short, oriented to a specific customer, bright and attention-grasping phrases are all over around us.

Altogether with the market development, diversification of goods and services on the international level, as well as to economize the resources for products promotion it has appeared the necessity of advertising texts translation.  This type of translation is one of the most dynamic, quickly developing and independent field of translations.  A major attention here is drawn to the adaptation of the foreign text to the particular auditory, to its culture and live priorities.

Translations of advertising texts are as a rule not so voluminous as the other types of translations.  At the same time they are one of the most creative and requiring particular cautiousness translations.  The difficulty of such translation hides in the right rendering of semantic and emotional meaning of the text.  It is not always so simple because different people have different values and evidently different perception of the same phrases or gests.  Thus, for instance the famous automobile Chevrolet Nova would never have any success in its original denomination in Spain, because there the word combination «no va» mean «not moving », «not driving ».  The deodorant Lady’s Speed Stick would never be word-for-word translated in Russian as it would sound as «woman’s quick stick ».

All this seems to us to be just funny translations, but such kind of carelessness can cause the large companies to loose a big number of consumers and sometimes to compensate the damages related with the claims on abusive interpretation of an advertisement.

For the translation company “AFIM” the translation of advertising texts is one of the most responsible and requiring particular attention translations.  After all when translating your advertisement we help you to promote your goods at a new market, among the new consumers.  We perform the translations in such areas as the following:
• Advertising video clips, teleshops, television advertising program
• Advertising on radio, radio advertising broadcast
• Advertising in different printing editions, advertising booklets, advertising blotters, calendars
• Street advertising: billboards, signboards and so on.

All this areas have its proper algorithm at the translation company “AFIM” and each of them undergoes a special procedure for quality control.  We have a special department on advertising translation consisting of true specialists in this field.  All our translations in the field of advertising are further reviewed and approved by our advertising specialists.

Due to professionalism and the creative work of our advertising department the translation company “AFIM” can feel proud about its translation in the field of advertising. Moreover if you order at us this kind of translation you can get a free consultation on your goods promotion on the local or foreign markets.  But the conclusion of a long-term contract with us would help you to achieve great perspectives in your business development.