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Translation of telephone conversations


Translation of telephone conversations

Translation of telephone conversations is one of the oral types of translation when the interpreter participates remotely in the conversation or uses some special means of communication. Nowadays, altogether with the development of commercial sphere and reinforcements of the foreign investments this type of translation has acquired a wide distribution not only among the big companies, but also in the sphere of small business.

However, as well as for all types of translations, the translation of telephone conversation has its own peculiarities. Here it is important to use the proper equipment that can help to organize the communication according to the following scheme: “interlocutor 1 – interpreter – interlocutor 2” in such a way that all the three parties could hear well each other. The interpreter plays in this scheme the role of a “decoder”, who decodes the information from one language to another, however, he/she has no right to participate directly in the conversation, and he/she just “continues” the interlocutors’ speech.

Among the difficulties of such kind of translation one can state the following: difficulty of perceiving the information due to the improper accent, speech peculiarities of the interlocutor, impossibility of seeing the interlocutor, lack of time to think about how this or that phrase should be translated and so on. It is also important to adhere to the norms of business ethics and the ethics of translation; these are the elements that directly define the success of negotiations.

The interpreter specializing in this field of translation should have a good command of a vast vocabulary to be able to express the interlocutors’ opinion in a proper and accurate way, and have deep knowledge in different spheres of business activity.

Usually when making an order the client communicates the topic of the conversation the interpreter has to deal with to help the latter to get prepared for the interpreting. However, there are cases when namely an urgent translation of a telephone conversation is required…

That is why the translation company “AFIM” has an organized structure of its staff, where each of the interpreters/translators is specializing in one or several fields of translation. Thus, we have a highly individual approach to each of the orders and try to entrust them to a translator/interpreter who will definitely guarantee the required quality and professionalism of your conversations.

To develop and to further improve the quality of our translations, the translation company “AFIM” organizes periodical extension courses, trainings and seminars on translation quality improvement. Some of our colleagues have passed their probation period abroad, many of them have participated in exchange experience programs in the frame of different foreign organizations.

The translation company “AFIM” is oriented not only to the local market of services rendering but we also work with different foreign clients. We perform the translations of telephone conversations in the following directions:
• personal telephone conversations.
• telephone conversations via Internet, Skype and so on.
• conference calls, conversations with participation of the speakers of 2 and more languages and so on.

If you address to the translation company “AFIM” you can choose several variants of performing the interpreting of your telephone conversation. Our interpreters have also the possibility to come to your office or your administration buildings to help you in holding the conference calls with your foreign partners. And the conclusion of the agreement on translation services rendering will afford you to discover our new services and feel free to use our discount policy and bonuses.

Translation of telephone conversations is an important step in your business promotion. Call the translation company “AFIM” and we’ll choose for you an individual scheme of translation.